Nicole Casteel

Sound Healer

Wild Ceremony

Soul Guide

Welcome, Wild Sister.

I’m so glad you’re here.

If you resonate with the vibration moving through these pages, I know you remember, and you should know…

You are home.

“If your heart remembers my voice, I have medicine for you.”

Hi Sweet Soul.

I’m so glad you arrived here.

I AM a shamanic healer, coach, and guide who is here to help you remember the truth of your soul. I’m here to guide your ever-evolving expansion, and hold you through the birth of your authentic soul’s essence into the world. Whether that is through sound medicine, shamanic healing, energy work, or wild ceremony, I’m here to serve you through unconditional love.

Imagine being held in a cosmic container of love, power, and grace, as you dive deep into your soul’s lineage and truth, allowing those held places to come undone and reveal your divine destiny.

I know this; you are here to serve a divine mission. You have ancient, wise magic in your bones, and you’re not meant to do it alone.

I can hear your song.

It is my purpose this lifetime to bring forward the new vibration of unconditional love through words, sounds, and energy. I AM here to hold fierce space for your Rebirth and evolution. 

Let me show you how.

Private Shamanic Coaching + Mentorship

A 1:1 Deep dive experience into your most authentic self. In this sacred + powerful container we weave together shamanic healing, energy work, transformational coaching, and SOUL. This space is for the woman is ready to face her shadows, ignite her light, and integrate them both into the highest expression of her Truth. This is the place for you to find your voice, heal the traumas preventing you from sharing it, and begin to express your Wholeness. It takes a courageous woman to step into this level of work. Your heart knows if it is your time. Trust that and let’s journey together. 

Soulful Money Mastery

An 8- week experience designed to transform your prosperity stories and shift your energy around money for good. We explore the 7 chakras, your ancestral wounding, and your energy to shift your relationship to abundance. Money is energy and so are you. Shift your energy and your money story will begin to shift too. This is magic + soul meets money and strategy. 

The Journey

The Journey is a 9 month container and sacred sister circle where shamanic plant medicine + ceremony is integrated with Soulful embodiment. A circle of 13 women holding space for each other to Rebirth their authentic self and their sacred service in the world. This is for the healer, coach, leader, or rising medicine woman who is ready to Become her truth and serve fearlessly. This container is by application only.